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More Value
Less Hassle

If you have a car to sell, consigning it with Pono Motors is a great option. In short, you get more value for your car without all the typical hassles of selling private party.

Some of the benefits of consigning with Driv(h)er Motors:

More Value

We can help you get the best price for your car. To be candid, it's not that we have some secret process or online advertising you can't do yourself. It's more about the trust and resources your buyer feels when buying from a licensed dealership and not an individual. Plus, like everything we do, our costs are transparent and agreed upon from the start so you have peace of mind that you'll get the most value while not having to spend time selling it yourself.

More Safety - Personal & Property

From your personal safety to the safety of your vehicle, there is a lot to worry about when inviting a meeting with a stranger off the internet. From finding a public meeting place (never your home!!) and worrying about whose insurance covers the car (or if they even have valid insurance) during a test drive, selling a car privately puts you and your property at risk. Having a licensed, insured and bonded dealership handle the transaction is by far the safest option. You never have to meet unknown stranger again and you can rest assured knowing our insurance covers your car.

Less (no) Hassle

Selling your own car takes a lot of time. From preparing the car, posting the ads to meeting strangers (if they even show up). It's all a lot of time and effort. When you consign your car with Driv(h)er Motors, we take car of everything. From cleaning the car to showing it to qualified buyers and all the purchase and title paperwork, we do it all. You can get on with your life and let us work for you.

More Buyers

After your personal safety, this is one of the greatest benefits to you when consigning your car with us. Because we can help your buyer with financing and we can take their current car as a trade-in, we just expanded your available pool of buyers tremendously. Very few buyers are in a position to buy your car with cash (especially if over $10,000) and without also selling their existing car at the same time. We remove that barrier for them to buy your car.

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