(fiercely) Independent

We are Denver’s only woman-owned, (fiercely) independent used car dealer. My name is Allison. I started this company because I’m tired of what’s happening in the car industry. And I’m creating something that does things differently. Does things better. Does things the way they should have been done from the start. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Everything you want from your car buying (and owning) experience and zero of what we all hate.

So what happens when you mix: a passion for cars, plus... a frustration with the typical car buying experience, plus a dedication to living a stress-free, do-right existence?

You design a completely new kind of dealership and car buying experience. And that's just what we did.

This isn't about making the typical slightly better. This is a new design. And we think it's about time someone did something different.

Local. Small Business.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the car industry. It shouldn't be this way. And we simply won't to be a part of it.

We don't play games.

We feel buying a quality car goes beyond the car. We believe the whole experience should be exceptional. And when's the last time you feel you had a great car buying experience? Get ready to have one with us.

We Are in the Integrity Business

We see the car business differently. We think the "product" we actually sell is integrity. We deliver that through the cars you purchase from us.

Buying Options

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Select from our hand-picked inventory

We only carry the top 3% of cars. Cars with clean histories. Cars without issues. Cars that have been well cared for. This means we pass on most the cars we see. We have an eye for this type of thing. That's why our cars are likely the cleanest, lowest mile, best history cars available. Check out our Customer Tools and Resources section for more details on what we look for when we select a car for our inventory.



We find your ideal car

Sometimes you simply need a car now. That's why we carry a thoughtful selection of cars in inventory at all times. However, sometimes you want something specific. Maybe it's a specific model or your favorite color. Or maybe it's something unique and hard to find. We do the searching for you. So you don't have to waste hours driving around and going through the hassle at traditional dealerships hunting for what you want. Our brokerage service is consultative - we start by understanding you and helping you pick exactly the right car for you. Our pricing is upfront and fair. From there, we get to work for you. When we find the car you want, we'll bring it in and you'll have the last word on if it's right for you.

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