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Get Exactly What YOU Want

We get it, life happens. Sometimes you need a car - today. For the other times, a great option is 'ordering' exactly the car you want. Using Driv(h)er Motor's broker service is a great way to save time, get exactly what you want and even save some money in the process.

We make using our brokerage service simple (and fun).

Step 1: First and foremost, we listen to you

If you don't already know the exact car you want, we can help you identify your ideal car through an insightful conversation. We'll help you determine which cars best meet your requirements from budget to driving style to life style.


Step 2: The Hunt is on!

Once we know the exact car you want, we develop what we call the Hunt Sheet - a profile of what you want. We can be specific such as colors and even options you want or general if you don't have a strong preference. We'll use this to ensure we find your perfect car.


Step 3: You call the shots!


Once we have the car you want, we'll send you a report on the car. We'll outline everything about the car. We'll provide what we think are the "Pros" and even the "Cons" about the car. As always in our stress-free buying experience, the final call is up to you. You get the final say.


Step 4: Drive happy!

You'll be on the road (usually in under an hour) with exactly the car you want, no hassle and will have even saved in the process. What could be better!

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