Family Owned - Family Run

Small Business + Local + Independent = Better

Drivher Motors is not just another dealership. We are purpose and value driven (like the pun?). We started this small business to bring something to the car business that is so desparatley missing. We are making a big difference - one client at a time. We have no sales people or "I'll have to check with my manager" games. You'll only deal with the owners, that's us.

-Alli & Graham

Our Furry Greeters

Yup, we are dog people, so it is pretty likely these two might greet you next time you stop by!


Our 5 Promises to You

Promise #1

No high-pressure tactics or games. Traditional dealerships do a lot to make you feel uncomfortable. When you're uncomfortable you don't think straight, you are more likely to overlook details. We won't stand for that. And the games are endless. Such as the classic "let me ask my manager...". From the first hello we want you to feel like one of the family. We wouldn't feel comfortable if you aren't.


Promise #2

No wasted time. There's a sad truth in the car industry... the longer a customer waits and the more impatient they become.. the higher the dealer profits. We've heard countless stories of people spending full days at a dealership! You just get worn down. At some point you just start saying yes to everything so you can get out of there.

We value our time and we value your time. There are really two stages to buying a car - evaluation and then purchase. We'll go at your pace for the evaluation of the car to ensure you have every question answered and feel you have all the information you need to make a smart choice. Once you say you want to buy the car, we strive to have all the purchase paperwork done and you on the road within 30 minutes. Yes, really, 30 minutes.


Promise #3

No fake or hidden costs. We say NO to Dealer Doc Fees. Actually, no fees at all. Our pricing is fair and straightforward. We don't try to hide extra profit in fees. Since when did the car business become like the airlines with a fee for everything!?


Promise #4

No surprises. Ever go to buy a car and at the last minute something's different than what you thought? Surprise! Wouldn't it be nice if things just went smoothly and how you'd expect? We think so too. That's why we do everything to prevent surprises.


Promise #5

No broken promises. If we say we will do something - we will do it. There's not much more to say about that.

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